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New York Underground Film Festival Audience
READ what the New York Underground Film Festival has to say about RANDOM LUNACY!
Peter Travers - Rolling Stone
"Prepare to be wowed!"
The Village Voice
"A lively documentary!"
The Oregonian Review
"...everything you might associate with the word 'family' gets tossed aside like an empty gum wrapper."
Portland Mercury Review
"...a sweet, honest, and inspiring film."
Willamette Week Online
"The filmmaking, like the life, is simple by necessity, and richer for it."
Felix Vasquez, Jr. - Cinema Crazed
"I honestly could have watched (RANDOM LUNACY) for hours."
Bad Lit - Mike Everleth
"The film moves at a nice pace from one insane story to another."
The Gambit
"The viewer gets a breathtaking rush of vicarious freedom."
"There was a method in Poppa Neutrino's apparent madness."
"...eas(y) to appreciate the madness and danger of Neutrino's oceangoing adventures on a raft."
The Sentinel-Record
"A profile of one of the wildest, yet cultured and civilized families on the map."
"...almost mythical."
Northern Film + Media
"A feel good flowing piece."
Bonnie King - Salem-News
"An unforgettable journey!"
Jeffrey M. Freedman - Writer, Co-Producer "Vivaldi"
"A must-see film distinguished by its lessons about how to enjoy what is possible and survive what is probable in this wonderful life."
Captain Doug Ross - Gypsy Spirit
"I was brought to tears of joy throughout the movie."
Rogue Cinema
"…simply mind-blowing."
eKC - Reel Reviews
"Challenges our assumptions about what gives life value."
Kansas City Star
"A killer doc."
Kansas City Star
"An inspiring/exasperating look at a true rebel."
TonyD of
"A poor man's version of MAN ON WIRE."
Nick Keppler of
"Jack Kerouac in the extreme."